Saturday, 28 March 2015

My experiment with politics

Right from the time I started apprehending the political system of the country my political aggression and bitterness was intensifying on the ground that the main purpose of forming the govt. was never been achieved by any of the governments (working for poor people, building transparent system, providing basic amenities and eradicating social disparity ) 

A few months ago when I joined the student's wing of a newly formed political party which was formed for the sake of doing clean politics then I had the hope that I was doing my bit of job in bringing a new transparent administrative and political system in the country. Although this party was incapable on national level but at least they could have made an alternative political & administrative model for the nation and the states.

Let me ask myself why i joined this party???I ever felt greedy for getting a ticket for myself or relatives???Had i ever thought to become a full-timer in the party??Iam running any business entity which requires favor of the govt???

Questions might be uncountable but the answer to all such questions will be a big "NO". Let me put it this way I am a student and occupied with plenty of works around me and i believe in acting rather than sitting and criticizing, the principles of the AAP was lucrative for me .I never had any intention to become a political leader or to become a full-timer party member i traveled frequently to different party meetings, Party headquarters and election campaigning on my own expense and in fact lac of volunteers did the same or even more than what i did.The one reason behind all these sacrifices was just to bring a clean pro-common men govt. which could work on the principles and on ideology.

Today, I realized that the AAM ADMI PARTY has also become very professional. For them Ideology, principles, Internal Lokpal, Internal democracy has no more value. I have been taught in management that the followers need not to follow the leaders blindly but they also need to question leaders at right time but in AAP if you question the leader "AK-67" you will be shown exit gate. For me at this point democratic leadership die and autocratic mode gets active (one of the agenda against which AAP has campaigned ). If you ask the volunteers i am certain that they will say "This issue came in picture during ticket distribution when some tickets were been given against the party policies in fact everyone was disturbed due to influence of some goons in the party on ticket distribution".

The decision of showing exit door to party intellectual think-tank is very rubbish. The political belief system of lac of volunteers like me has once again weakened and shaken. Even if there were some differences between AK & YY+PB they should have been resolved technically. Differences in opinion is fruitful as it gives way to think beyond the circumstances and look for alternatives. I may also be shown exit door for expressing my opinions....ohhh i forget that volunteers like me have no place in party now...

We will continue to strive for bringing the original version of AAP..This party is not a one man army but the party of lac of volunteers..


Friday, 20 March 2015

Politicising Exam Session 2015-16

Being from Bihar state Board, I and people like me do really feel bad when people say that Bihar state exams cant be held without cheating. Don't the State govt understand that there is a very strong & Intellectual community excelling in different fields outside their home state and due to such incidences they are doubted of their capabillities. Ohhh I got emmotional .....
Be it the ongoing state examination of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Assam ,Odhisa or Bihar the situation is more or less the same guardians helping their wards in cheating. How caring they are for their wards!!!!I saw a picture of a school floating on social networking websites showing commandos like parents helping their wards by providing them the answer on different floors of school building. 

I also read the Political response of Nitish Kumar on this issue but was not convinced by his answer. This is his 3rd term as the CM of Bihar this situation would have not appeared if he could have taken education seriously in the state.

There are political intentions behind the loose control over the state exams. Around 14 lac students have appeared for 10th exams. Assembly elections are due in November this year. Suppose if one student come from one family and one family on average has 5 votes then this turns out to be around 70 lac votes plus the similar calculation for Intermediate and graduation, its not a bad deal let it happen. Ultimately, making govt. requires different sacrifices let education in state suffer. Now, its a new political tool of aggregating votes on the basis of demographic dividends.

Let me tell you about the real Experience of mine. I come from the very state board.The realities are different it happens in all the districts of Bihar and it is not because govt. finds it difficult but do so for political profits...

Monday, 9 February 2015

नितीश, मांझी और बिहार 
पता है न आपको बिहार की राजनीति में उथल पुथल को 4 दिन  होने जा रहे हैं  अभी तक महामहिम राजयपाल महोदय ने कोई भी निर्णायक कदम नहीं उठाया है, राजनीतिक सरगर्मी बिहार में अस्थिरता का माहौल बना रही  है और इस अस्थिरता के मुख्या दो कारण  हैं।   १) राजनीतिक कारण २) सैंविधानिक कारण 

पहला राजनीतिक कारण है जीतन राम मांझी की गूगली, पहले आपको बता दूँ की जीतन राम मांझी की सामाजिक पृष्ठ भूमि अत्यंत महादलित की है शायद इस समाज के लोगों के लिए मांझी का बिहार का मुख्यमंत्री  बनना वास्तव  में उस समाज के लिए गर्व की बात थी,  जब  बिहार विधानसभा में सर्वसहमति से मांझी को मंत्रिमंडल का नेता चूना गया तो भा.ज.पा. ने उनको कठपुतली मुख्यमंत्री कहते हुए उनका विरोध किया था। मांझी का कार्यकाल पूर्ण रूप से बिहार में कूशासन को प्रोत्साहित करता रहा हर  दिन एक नया विवादित बयान देते रहे और ब्रांड बिहार को अपने वयक्तिगत मुनाफे के लिए इस्तेमाल करते रहें ।  हद तो तब हो गयी जब उन्होंने अपने आप को नितीश से बड़ा महादलितों  का नेता घोषित कर दिया और इसी बीच भा.ज.पा  से साठ गाठ कर गैर-जदयू सरकार बनाने की कवायद शुरू कर दी । मांझी जी  लालच बुरी बला है कहीं  ऐसा ना हो की नितीश कुमार पटल पे बहुमत सिद्ध कर दे और भा.ज.पा. मांझी को नाँव बनाकर सवार हो जाये ।राजनीती में भी नैतिकता नाम की कोई चीज़ ही नहीं बची लालच और क्रूरता की राजनीति हो रही है आजकल  
आस्चर्य होता है, नितीश कुमार का मांझी के साथ 20 वर्षों से भी अधिक का कार्यकाल रहा है फिर मांझी के कार्यशैली और व्यवहार से नितीश क्यों नहीं अवगत हो पाएं? या फिर नितीश ने भी अन्य पार्टियों की तरह  महादलित कार्ड खेला था जो की पूर्ण रूप से उनके लिए ही घातक साबित हुआ ।   

सैंविधानिक कारण के मुख्य रचेता महामहिम राज्यपाल जी हैं जो की भा.ज.पा. पृष्ठ भूमि के हैं। यह पद एक सैंविधानिक और  गरिमा वाला पद है टिप्पणी करना शायद उचित नहीं होगा फिर भी ना जाने क्यों इनके पहले के कार्यकाल को देखते हुआ कम ही भरोसा है की कोई निर्णय लिया जायेगा।

आशा करते है की बिहार जल्दी ही नितीश जी के नेर्तित्वं में विकास के पटरी पर लौट आये ।

जय बिहार ।