Friday, 20 March 2015

Politicising Exam Session 2015-16

Being from Bihar state Board, I and people like me do really feel bad when people say that Bihar state exams cant be held without cheating. Don't the State govt understand that there is a very strong & Intellectual community excelling in different fields outside their home state and due to such incidences they are doubted of their capabillities. Ohhh I got emmotional .....
Be it the ongoing state examination of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Assam ,Odhisa or Bihar the situation is more or less the same guardians helping their wards in cheating. How caring they are for their wards!!!!I saw a picture of a school floating on social networking websites showing commandos like parents helping their wards by providing them the answer on different floors of school building. 

I also read the Political response of Nitish Kumar on this issue but was not convinced by his answer. This is his 3rd term as the CM of Bihar this situation would have not appeared if he could have taken education seriously in the state.

There are political intentions behind the loose control over the state exams. Around 14 lac students have appeared for 10th exams. Assembly elections are due in November this year. Suppose if one student come from one family and one family on average has 5 votes then this turns out to be around 70 lac votes plus the similar calculation for Intermediate and graduation, its not a bad deal let it happen. Ultimately, making govt. requires different sacrifices let education in state suffer. Now, its a new political tool of aggregating votes on the basis of demographic dividends.

Let me tell you about the real Experience of mine. I come from the very state board.The realities are different it happens in all the districts of Bihar and it is not because govt. finds it difficult but do so for political profits...

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  1. Whether its a case of distribution of laptop or luring students in their boards political parties always try to make their own vote bank